Prepare for Marriage

Preparing for marriage with Building Your Marriage Upon the Rock

The in-depth resource for couples, pastors, and counselors

Help for pastors

Are you a pastor or marriage counselor seeking a highly effective resource for your premarital counseling ministry and your goal of preparing couples for marriage? Are you engaged and wanting to build your marriage on a solid foundation so that it will last a lifetime? Our premarital workbook is designed to assist you in achieving those goals.

Building Your Marriage Upon the Rock is the comprehensive, in-depth resource for preparing for marriage. It addresses issues and topics that are crucial in order to prepare for a marriage that honors God and that goes the distance. The content is solidly biblical, it’s backed up with Scripture, and it adheres to common tenets of the Christian faith.

Our book helps pastors to systematically cover all the bases of premarital counseling, and it helps couples to better evaluate their relationship and readiness for marriage. By the time couples finish this book they will have learned more about each other (and themselves) than they ever imagined.

Help for Couples

Building Your Marriage Upon the Rock contains over 160 pages of information and questions to help couples prepare for a lifelong, rewarding marriage. It’s designed to elicit thought-provoking, vital discussion on almost every topic imaginable—topics and issues engaged couples need to address in order to prepare for marriage and start marriage on a sure foundation. Included are the following major topical sections:

  • Relationship to God
  • The marriage covenant
  • The couple’s relationship
  • Bonding and becoming one
  • Extended family relationships
  • Compatibility
  • Troubling pasts
  • Hindrances to oneness
  • Roles and Expectations
  • Conflict resolution
  • God’s kind of love
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Finances
  • Sex-Sexual problems