Mike and Jewel Williamson

Mike and Jewel Williamson are premarital mentors and the author of Building Your Marriage Upon the Rock–the most in-depth and solidly biblical premarital workbook available. It is being used by pastors and counselors across the country as their primary resource for preparing couples for marriage. Couples are finding it to be a wealth of information and a great resource to help them prepare for marriage. It is now available in Spanish.

Mike and Jewel were premarital mentors at a large church in Idaho and became the leaders of the premarital ministry. They continued taking couples through the church’s premarital course and also trained other couples within the fellowship to be premarital mentors.

Upon moving to Portland, Oregon, Mike began searching for a more in-depth workbook than what they had been using. Not finding one, he began to work on his own premarital workbook––adding many things that other workbooks left unaddressed. The result has become the most in-depth premarital workbook available.

Mike and Jewel Williamson met at a retreat center in Sky Valley, CA and married in 1975. They live in Murrieta, California near their daughter and son-in law and are the happily exhausted grandparents of two very rambunctious boys and a precious granddaughter who is a delightful balance to her scalawag brothers!

Mike and Jewel are available to meet with church leadership to help implement effective premarital ministries.

Mike and Jewel Williamson

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